About Us

Greatree Archery History

Apr. 1999   Established Greatree Archery, CT USA
Jan. 2002   Attended AMO Archery Trade Show as an exhibitor
Aug. 2004   Established bow-manufacturing factory in Dalian, China
Sep. 2004   Relocated Greatree Archery warehouse (2,500 sq ft to 8,000 sq ft)
Aug. 2007   Established Shanghai Greatree Archery Co., Ltd
Sep. 2009   Developed Olympic-style carbon riser
Jun. 2010   Extended Shanghai Greatree Archery factory Monthly capacity of 5,000 bows to 8,000 bows
Apr. 2011   Opened Carbonpro office in Weihai, China
Mar. 2013   Established 2nd Greatree archery bow-manufacturing factory in Shanghai, China
May 2013   Registered trade mark of Greatree archery and Carbonpro in USA
Oct. 2013   Established Weihai Carbonpro Co., Ltd. in China Manufacturing target and compound carbon arrows, stabilizers and Fly Fishing Rods
Dec. 2013   Expanded Greatree Archery warehouse (8,000 sq ft to 20,000 sq ft)
May 2014   Produced our own Fiber Glass for the limbs at Carbonpro factory
July 2014   Introduced our own Fly Fishing Rod at ICAST & IFTD Fishing show, FL
Feb. 2015   Registered patent for Bamboo Design on arrows in USA
Apr. 2016   Opened Stark Archery Shooting Range in NJ
Nov. 2016   Registered trade mark of Stark Archery in USA
Oct. 2017   Registered trade mark of Greatree Archery in China