Carbonpro Venom Wood Barred 1/2 Dz

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This Venom wood grain carbon arrows were designed with the recurve hunter in mind.  A small diameter arrow with over 10 GPI for the 300 spine, it is one of the smallest diameter and heaviest arrows on the market.  The small diameter of 6.3mm, 1/4"(based on the 300 spine arrow) will have less drag as it pssses through an animal.  The extra weight will help create the kinetic energy that hunters crave.  The wood grain finish makes the high quality carbon arrow resemble a traditional wood arrow.


-  6 Arrows package

-  Cutting size :  32"

-  Straightness : +/- .003"

-  In nock & Nock Collar installed

-  Fletched 4" Feather

-  Comes with Half-out point insert

-  Available spines :  300, 400, 500, 600 or 700